What I’ve Learned About Suicide

          Written By Melissa- RJ’s Momma In the past 27 months I have learn 2 things the first is Suicide don’t judge Suicide doesn’t care about gender Suicide doesn’t care about skin color Suicide doesn’t care about how much money we have Suicide doesn’t care if you put your life on […]

What you don’t know about “those” people that are paid to help you mentally

What you don’t know about “those” people that are paid to help you mentally. We do care…even if we don’t want to care…we care. We are taught to set boundaries and to limit our emotional investment with whom we are helping, But…we are human…we care. We are highly empathetic. We walk in each morning knowing […]

Jimmy – Always in our Hearts

Donations in Memory of Jimmy! Montrose resident, James J. Veitch, passed away Monday, March 12, 2018, at his home in Montrose, Colorado. James was 71 years old. A celebration of life will be held 6 p.m., Thursday, March 15, 2018, at the Turn of the Century Saloon, 121 N. Fourth St., Montrose, CO. Memorial contributions […]

Letter from a Mama’s Broken Heart- By Melissa Gomez

Letter from a Momma’s Broken Heart- So please be careful because word hurt Every morning I wake up and I force myself to get out of bed to face another day without my son. Putting one foot in front of the other , trying to be strong and put a smile on my face but […]

Suicide Prevention in Montrose County