What I’ve Learned About Suicide






Written By Melissa- RJ’s Momma

In the past 27 months I have learn 2 things the first is
Suicide don’t judge
Suicide doesn’t care about gender
Suicide doesn’t care about skin color
Suicide doesn’t care about how much money we have
Suicide doesn’t care if you put your life on the line to fight for out country
Suicide doesn’t care about age
Suicide doesn’t care about time of day ,days of the week ,or even Hollidays
Suicide doesn’t even care about the broken hearts left behind
BECAUSE suicide doesn’t judge
The second thing IS SUICIDE SUCKS …..

With that’ let me introduce my self
I am Melissa Gomez
I am a wife and mother
My daughter Sage now 19 and son Riley should be 15 .
We moved to montrose in 2010
Where we were living the fairy tale life , a life full of love happeness and happily ever afters

Until March 27 Easter Sunday of 2016 .
The day my whole world was shattered . My 13 year old son had taken his own life .
I don’t have the answers of why .
I don’t have the understanding of how this could happen to me .
All I do have is the facts …like I said suicides don t judge .
I didn’t choose to walk this awful junorey.
This choice was made for me , and all I can do now is choose what to do with that choice . So I made a promise to my son the day he died , that I would do every thing in my power to help stop more mamas from going through what I going through

That I would stand up and fight the stigma of suicide.
I would fight for people to see a reason to live
I would spread suicide awareness
that I would be the face of suicide prevention
This is where I owe each and every one of you a huge thank you , thank you for all your support and taking a stand against suicide, But most of all thank you for helping me keep my promise to my son.


By Meilissa Gomez- Riley’s Momma

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