What you don’t know about “those” people that are paid to help you mentally

What you don’t know about “those” people that are paid to help you mentally.

We do care…even if we don’t want to care…we care.

We are taught to set boundaries and to limit our emotional investment with whom we are helping,

But…we are human…we care.

We are highly empathetic.

We walk in each morning knowing that no matter how great we feel, we will soon be feeling the pain that you have experienced.

We know that to feel what you are feeling, we must recall a past painful event of our own that can relate.

We don’t leave work at work.

How do you turn your mind off to that kiddo that is learning how to live without his/her parent?

Or that young adult that desperately wants to quit the drugs and fights his urge and own cruel mind that tells him daily- “one more-you aren’t worth anything anyways?”

We walk through doors in our home and can’t help but immediately think about…

The person we know that has high anxiety around doors, because the doors in his home remind him of his daughter’s suicide.

We hope and wonder

“Will he use the 4-square breathing tool we talked about today?”

We wonder…

“Will she really lock the gun up?” “I hope she does.”  “I will call tomorrow to follow up.”

We wonder…

“We talked about saying something positive in the mirror- will she? Or will she continue to see the failure she THINKS she is because her father raped her.”

We DO know that the tools we suggest are hard to follow

We fail at using them at times too

We care.

In the same mind that feels your pain, is the same mind that CAN’T WAIT to hear if the tools we’ve discussed worked, if the meds prescribed are working, or how your days are progressing,

To look at prior notes and see progress, hope and healing.

Or to ultimately hear…

Thank you…

We do care…even if we don’t want to, we care.

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