RJ’s Hearing Hearts

Meet the Riley James’ Peers  

  • Each mentor has undergone more then 26 hours of suicide prevention training. 
  • None of these mentors are a therapist or clinician. 
  • Each Peer below wants to help through conversations, connections and use of their own life experiences as it relates to suicide, rough times, or just the everyday stresses life can throw at us!  

*Please Note* This is not intended to replace professional help nor is this intended for a crisis situation– if this is a crisis please call the crisis line at @ 1-844-493-8255


 My name is Melissa and I lost my 13 year old son to suicide in 2016 .I made a promise to him the day I lost him . That i would be his voice and that I would do everything in my power to help prevent another mother from going through what I’m going through so suicide prevention is a top priority for me. On top of losing my child to suicide I also have experience in being a lost to Suicide Survivor as I am a mom so I can relate to people who have lost somebody to suicide I can understand your pain and I can sympathize with your frustrations as I like to say we may walk in the same footsteps but we will never wear the same pair of shoes but you’re not alone

A little bit about myself: I love to be outside I love to go camping and fishing and hunting, I love animals ,I love working with wood and doing crafts. And most important I’m a mom I have a very loving nature ,I’m a great listener.

I’m not here to judge I’m not here to make assumptions.  No matter what your struggles are you will always have a friend in me!

Melissa (Rileys mom)♡♡♡

Contact Melissa: sptaskforcemg@gmail.com





Hi I’m Jack. You might feel like nobody cares. I do! Please, if you want to talk, I want to listen. Maybe, Just maybe I can help. E-mail & I’ll give you a phone number. No text or tweet, just talk to me. I’ll listen. Please.









I’m Jeff Hogan and you can e-mail me at sptaskforce54@gmail.com or call/text me at 970-417-4165.

My wife is a nurse and I’m a proud father of five ​children from 18 to 28.

I’m one of the five “RJMs” (Riley James Mentors) on the Suicide Prevention Taskforce who are available to support / befriend anyone in a depression / anxiety crisis if they e-mail one of us described in this web page you have accessed: www.montrosesuicideprevention.org/rjm-hearing-hearts/

Here some 24/7 Crisis help resources to keep handy: http://www.suicidepreventioncolorado.org/in-crisis

I was raised in a Christian family but was very desperate for connection and discipleship​.  I started ​receiving counseling to awaken my stuck emotional life and self-rejection in 1985. I was married in 1987. My self loathing intensified even after the joy-filled birth of our first son. In 1989 I began to research suicide ​methods ​and attempted to lethally extinguish all my energy and hydration by running 16 miles into the mountains. I was admitted for three weeks into a pysch hospital. I gradually healed from self-hatred through a friend’s counsel 5 days a week for 90 minutes per day for several weeks.

I’ve experienced relapses of depression and am currently on medication even though I’m gradually entering a more peaceful season.

​Anxiety intensified four years ago for which I’m still on medication.  There were two seasons where the anxiety became debilitating.

I’m receiving training to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in neglect and abuse. I enjoy GPS Mapping, Photography, Picture framing, Backpacking, Backcountry Skiing, Hiking and Mountain biking.

–Jeff Hogan



Dave is a recent arrival to the Western Slope, having retired from almost thirty years of service at CU Boulder. Deciding that quiet trails and wide open ski runs were preferable to traffic jams, Dave and his wife moved to Ridgway in 2016.

Dave spent his last five years in Boulder mentoring and teaching inmates in Boulder County Jail. He helped them develop and follow plans that would keep them from returning to jail. He found the work incredibly rewarding and learned that sometimes people just need a little support to get through rough times and back into a happier place.

Dave feels strongly that preventing suicide is very much like helping  someone with a criminal record successfully return to their community. The feelings of hopelessness, frustration, anger, and loneliness can be incredible obstacles to getting on with one’s life. But having someone close by to help share the load can make all the difference. Everyone deserves a helping hand.

Dave’s hobbies include playing music, hiking, fishing, skiing, and reading.

Contact Dave: davesptaskforce@gmail.com



Hello my name is Heather.  I have struggled with suicidal thoughts almost my entire life.  I have had many hard times, but I am still here and ready to help others get through there suicidal thoughts.  I am a pretty laid back person.  I like to run(although I am very slow), hike, drink coffee, and love my occasional glass of wine!  I am in love with the community that we serve and I know the intense feelings of suicide.

I am here to listen!

Contact Heather: sptaskforceHD@gmail.com



PLEASE give me a shout at (970) 417-9204 or email at sptaskforcedavidh@gmail.com


Hi! My name is Dave Hale!

PLEASE give me a shout at (970) 417-9204 or email at sptaskforcedavidh@gmail.com.

I grew up in western Colorado and have lived in the Montrose area since 2001. I’m an Army National Guard Veteran and currently work for Colorado Parks & Wildlife as a Wildlife Technician. I’m the father of four beautiful daughters and am married to an awesome mom and nurse named Christina! I volunteer for several different service organizations including the American Legion and AL Riders, Welcome Home Alliance for Veterans, Team Rubicon and Grace Community Church where I also teach a bunch of really cool kids!!

Twice so far I have led a group of folks in completing “22 for 22”, which is 22 pushups for 22 days to bring awareness to the 22 Veterans (on average) who take their lives by suicide every day in this country. The fact that 22 HEROES take their own lives every day is completely unacceptable to me and one of the reasons that I want to help YOU and why I have become a Peer through RJM’s hearing hearts!

I have been through a lot in life including being bullied as a child and was also abused by my step-father which resulted in my being tossed into the foster care system when I was 14. I am also a cancer survivor! I guess I am an example of perseverance, faith and patience because I now have so many incredible blessings including my family, awesome friends and my “dream job” which just goes to show if you keep going and never give up good things will happen! I have unfortunately been directly affected by suicide and each time I hear about it happening again it breaks my heart. I want to do everything that I can to help you however I can. No matter how bad things seem there are ALWAYS people and a God that care about you!! I am one of those people and am here for you!!
If you need someone to talk to