Letter from a Mama’s Broken Heart- By Melissa Gomez

Letter from a Momma’s Broken Heart-

So please be careful because word hurt

Every morning I wake up and I force myself to get out of bed to face another day without my son.
Putting one foot in front of the other , trying to be strong and put a smile on my face but you know.
Living without my son it’s like living without half my heart.
Every inch of my body hurts.
It hurts even worse to know that he chose to leave this life and he made that choice at the age of 13 and now I have to walk around with the unbearable grief and pain.
And the  burden of knowing that I couldn’t save my own child.
I am his mom and I should have  been able to protect him from all the evil and from him self and don’t you think that’s awful enough to live with that …..but no with Society we live in. I  also have to live with the stigma that goes along with suicide. I have to hear people say how cowardly it was for somebody to take their life I have to hear how selfish they are .

I have to hear how it’s the easy way out  let me ask you this how big of a coward can a 13 year old boy be how can you truly understand what selfish is at 13 .
Because  at the age 13 you’re barely learning what the birds and the bees are
And then to add  the word commit to the whole stigma
“to commit suicide ”
Suicide is not a crime
Suicide is a devastating choice that somebody has made
It’s  a permanent choice to a temporary problem
But dont we all make choices in life
Some permanent and some temporary ?
As a mama that has lost her son to suicide isn’t  it enough that I have to walk around with So much  pain and a broken heart of the loss of my baby and knowing I couldn’t save him. That Society and old-school thinking has to add to that to make me feel worse to make this loss even worse
So please think about that coming from a  Momma
And know ever person lost to suicide is someone’s child no matter the age

So please think about your words and  know words hurt
Love Rileys momma
Lost to suicide March 27, 2016

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  1. Lacy K

    Well said friend. My heart feels your pain. My eyes are tearing up to know of your loss . Thoughts with you Rissa..

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